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(-40°C / -60°C)

The Quick Freezer is an air blast freezing machine designed to quickly freeze a variety of food products, including dairy, poultry, seafood, meat, bakery, pastry, cheese, ice cream, and more. This type of shock freezer is ideal for small capacity operations, typically ranging from 160 kg to 600 kg per hour.

The Quick Freezer works by loading the food materials onto roll-in trolleys and moving them into the insulation room. The Freon system creates a low-temperature freezing environment, while strong air flow fans circulate the air to accelerate heat transferring. The result is a rapid decrease in temperature, with the lowest inner temperature reaching as low as -60°C.

With frozen food suppliers looking to reduce processing costs, the Quick Freezer offers significant savings. It is a necessary piece of equipment for hotels, supermarkets, refectories, canteens, and small food processing plants. We offer various sizes of roll-in trolleys and trays and can also provide solutions for blast chillers with temperature ranges from -15°C to -20°C.


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